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  We explain briefly the process chain of all our rugs are carefully chosen and selected one by one by our experts in all countries of production, we have collection centers in major cities' in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, constantly buying for over 40 years now we have a bargaining power that other companies' can not have, so we are able to obtain exceptional prices throughout the year and we always have a complete assortment and keeping up with requests.

In our online store you can find an assortment always complete and Bargain Prices, plus our staff of experts and 'available during office hours to give you any explanation or advice in order to be able to afford a choice and most serene' can be targeted to your needs ', in a few words will be' like being in a large and well-stocked shop

  but in reality 'you are sitting comfortably at home!

  We decided because of our experience for a web site simply and without unnecessary frills, preferring to focus on quality 'image, exposure and product descriptions, and quality' of the service, in order not to unnecessarily compromising the price final sale.