Frequently Asked Questions

How many days will I receive 'my carpet?

Depending on the type of payment method, however, on average 7 / 8 working days.

I have to pay shipping costs?

Only for purchases less than € 250, however, we have contracted with the most advantageous' major express carriers.

Can I call you for advice or clarification on the selection on quality '?

Certainly! Our experts are available to clear up any doubt, or take you step by step in choosing your carpet.

If once I got home my belt I had to realize you have completely the wrong choice?

No problem! Sara 'enough to send back the carpet within 7 days and you can make a new selection, or you will be refunded by bank transfer within 30 days, we reserve only to withhold the amount of delivery charges.

How do you advise me to purchase hundreds of miles away?

Our team of experts' which also includes interior designers and decorators, detailed digital photos or movies can be a powerful tool of exposure.

If you do not have a credit card how do I pay?

In addition to credit card payments 'can also pay with mode' as traditional bank transfer or cash on delivery, mode 'by bank transfer, could only delay the departure of a few days of delivery, our staff and' still available to give you all the answers of the case.

How can you be confident of being competitive on price?

We are extremely confident of our prices because 'we operate in this field for more' than 40 years, so we know the market very well and we have a purchasing power that others can not have.

Where do you buy the mats to be put on the market?

We buy in countries of origin have always known where we are and where we know the major producers, not wholesalers or importers relying therefore we have to offer extremely competitive prices at retail.

And if after having been contacted for advice and consultation with your range can not find anything to my liking?

Nothing serious! we would be pleased to have been your first choice, and we would be equally happy if you contacted us after 15 days, cleared for new merchandise regularly, so what 'you can not find it today you may find within 15 days.