How to choose your carpet

For choosing your carpet and to avoid errors, there are some simple steps to be performed as a first step in your home.

1) Put a lot of attention in detecting space in which the measures will go 'placed the carpet considering any objects or walls that may hinder the correct position.

2) The colors of the environment are important but it is undoubtedly essential color of the pavement or the essence of wood ...... For a successful carpet will have 'to have contrasting colors with the floor to avoid getting lost and becomes an anonymous piece of furniture, thus making the floor less valuable or even the least appreciated portrebbe become a proper frame thus bringing added value to the whole context.

3) Clearly and 'important room in the house where he will have to' be placed on the carpet like the living room, dining room, bedroom, entrance etc. etc. ..... At this point you have all the background information necessary to begin to browse the assortment, and we are sure you will find it 'much' easier than you could imagine, our experts are still available for any clarification.

 Have fun with our online store!