Cleaning and Maintenance


1) It 'important to consider the mat for what it', then an object on which you walk and do not need 'of great attention.

2) The modern vacuum cleaners are excellent tools for a general cleaning, always doing a lot of attention that the fringes are not torn.

3) Never want to relentlessly beat the rug out the window or balcony, or if you really want to do is grab it right by not only taking it to the fringes or edges, which are the parts most 'delicate. Our advice 'to turn it occasionally and usually live on a couple of days, the force of gravity' will strip the carpet of all dust or soil nestled in the plot, but the carpet will not be 'no stress at this point will 'enough to gather all of the floor.

4) We recommend to wash the carpet exclusively in specialized centers, and only when the carpet will be 'really dirty, or a suitable basis can' be of the order of 5 / 6 years.

Our staff 'at your disposal for any information about it.